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Siebel 7 Questions

1. Slide 19.12 (choose all the three options listed in the slide): default Conflict Resolution

· Overwrite the Object definition in the repository

· Merge the Object definition from the archive file with the defn in the repository

· Do not Import the obj defn from the archiove file

2. Slide 19.12 (choose all the three options listed in the slide): Individual Resolutions in case of Import conflicts

· File

· Merge

· Repository

3. Slide 20.3: Which tags does Siebel Template File Contain?

· Standard HTML Tags and Siebel Specific Tags

4. Slide 23.4: Which Class is used for List and Form Applets?

· CSSFrameList and CSSFrame

5. Slide 23.4: What is C++ class used for?

· Specifies class the used at run time for the applet

6. How do you move a mobile client? Answer in Slide number 52.13

· Notify the mobile client to synchronize

· Verify Transaction merge has been done and inbox empty

· Extract Siebel database on new Siebel Server

· Delete Docking folder on old Siebel Server

7. Deactivating an mobile client. Answer in Slide 52.16

· Bring down Transaction Processor and Router

· Set End date for mobile client (Siebel Remote Admin-à Mobile Clients)

· And Bring up Transaction Processor and Router

8. Where will you see the conflicts in remote.

· Ans : User Preferences -> Remote Status

9. Which applet does not have a business component associated ?

· Ans: Model HTML Applet

10. In a screen, there is a List Applet at the top and a Form Applet at the bottom, How many business components can this view have?

· Ans: May have two business components

11. In a view, there is a Account Form applet at the top and an opportunity list applet. Select one of the option.

· Ans: Account will be parent business component and Opprotunity will be child business component.

12. What is not true related to “Locking projects locally” ?

13. Where do you store person related data?


14. Which is not a child object of business component among the following?

· Ans: Link

15. What is the use of Sieber Service Owner account?

· To run services for Siebel and enterprise server

16. Question 21 from Study Guide: Ken Fisher has several positions, including Service Representative, Service Leader, and Support Engineer. His primary position is Support Engineer. How should Ken change his position to Service Representative after he logs in?

· Select View ? User Preferences ? Change Position

17. What kind of access control is for “My Opportunities” view?

· Ans: Position Based

18. One list applet can take data from___________

· (Ans: many columms and many tables)

19. When will you use Multi Value Group in Parent Applet?

· To display the child records associated with a parent record

20. EService is which kind of application?

· Ans: Customer Application

21. How do you get the foreign key for a base table?

· (Ans: In tools, Query for foreign key table in columns)

22. What is true about Standard Extension Column?

· Ans: Starts with X_.

23. What does an Assignment Manager NOT do

· Ans: It checks the records for future assignment

24. When do you register Web Template?

· Ans: When you create a new template file

25. How can you change the application name that appears on the login dialog for mobile client?

· Ans: Change the Splash text property in the configuration file

26. Options for a question are Single Organization, Multi Organization, Enterprise

· Answer is Enterprise (Refer to slide 34.8 for details)

27. Which is the advantage of synchronizing frequently?

· (Ans. Do not select Modem Speed)

28. Slide 1.4 (Question on account definition)

29. Which product is not in ISS.

· (Select the answer other than ePricer, eConfigurator, eAuction, eAdvisor, eSales – These are the five products in Interactive Selling Suite)

30. Drill down on Opportunity – Owner field takes to Employee

31. What is the access control for “All Across Organization” –

· Ans: “All”.

32. Slide 34.8 Multiple access control and view mode

33. Where will you not find tag?

· Ans: In applet web templates

34. Questions from slides 13.19, 23.4, 35.9, 36.1, 36.5, 39.8, 39.11, 50.5, 51.18, 52.10, 52.12, 52.13, 51.16, 51.17

35. What does the Rule Set do?

· Ans: Creates query for Search

36. Which is a monitor event?

· Ans: Action Set

37. Questions from slides Slide

38. Glossary/Help navigation

· Help-à Index-à Contents --à ‘M’

39. From the .ifb file displayed (IMPORT), find out which base table will be loaded after running the EIM task.

· (Ans: S_PROD_INT)

40. From the .ifb file displayed(DELETE MATCHES), find out records that will be deleted after running the EIM task.

· (Ans: whichever has the word “Printer”)

41. Question 15 from Study Guide. (small change. Select the configuration file instead of SWE)

42. Workflow/Assignment: What is not in the simulator?

· (wait, subprocess....)

43. Which type of applet retrieves one record? (form, list, details...)

· Form

44. Use of flat tab query

· To find out object definition when parent not known

45. How many BC does applet refers to?

· One

46. Service and Action has __________ relation

· (1:m)

47. Steps for creating database

48. Steps for creating developer

49. Join Specs question from Certification Guide: Which of the following is NOT true of the Join Specification object type?

· The Join Specification specifies the table to be joined

50. Dataimp.exe usage

· Flat file to EIM tables

51. Primary Id in MVG

· To retrieve the parent record and primary child record in the same query

52. What is the characteristics of MME

· (common architecture, less than 100 users etc)

53. Siebel call center is ________type of application

· (employee)

54. Slide 1.3,1.4

· (Siebel eBusiness Enterprise is Integrated Product suite, Build on common arch)

55. Logical grouping of business entities

· Screen

56. Which is not a component group component

· Workflow management

57. How to edit .swt file?

· using web editor

58. What user profile propertires are retrieved from database?

· Ans: persistence parameters -Persistence Level, persistence frequency

59. How do you control the behavior of user

· personalization (Action sets)

60. What does show drop down displays?

61. Configuring view

62. Installation sequence of Siebel

· Database, File System, Gateway, Enterprise and Siebel, IIS

63. Large application installation doe not needs?

· Siebel Domain Server

64. How web server handles Siebel requests?

· Passes the http request to SWSE

65. What component uses data manager?

· Object Manager

66. Application level object definitions found in?

· (.srf)

67. Pre-installation tasks?

· Prepare for installation (Identify the machines for installing servers)

· Create Operating System accounts

· Install Database (third party RDBMS)

· Create Siebel File System

68. Workflow component group

· Generate Triggers, Workflow Monitor Agent, Workflow Action Agent, Workflow Process Batch Manager, Workflow Process Manager

69. Navigation for giving the responsibility to users

· View-àSietmapà Application Administration-à Responsibilities

70. Advantages of authentication

71. Problem on Assignment Manager comparison criteria

72. What are Primary Position privileges?

· Assign another primary position

· Merger records

· Delete records

· Forecasting

73. create an organization

· Setting organization flag to ‘Y’ in the division record

74. Catalogs don’t have master data attached. T/F

· True

75. What suffix is used for Foreign key field

· Id

76. What is the best practice for sort specs?

· Columns selected from same table

77. How do you invoke COMPARE

· Tools--à Compare Objects (Options: Selected, Selected vs. Repo, Selected vs. Archive, Archive vs Archive)

78. What does check-in do?

· Copies obj defn to the server

· Releases lock on Server and on client

79. In which circumstance u create new BC?

· When BC has to used twice in the BO

· No siebel supplied object definition

· You need to use a table already used by Siebel-supplied Business Component definition, but for an entirely different purpose.

80. TXn. Router. What does it do?

· Generates TXN file for each mobile client and copies to respectice docking/outbox

81. Internationalization advantages

· different repos for each language

82. If no views for the screen, that screen tab wont’ displayed in the screen bar. T/F

· True

83. How do you change the sequence of screen tab

· By putting the sequence in the application-àPage tabs in tools

84. What is logical extension table of S_ORG_EXT

· S_BU

85. What are the parameters u set for 1:M link?

For 1:M link

· Destination Field

· Name

· Source Field

· Parent BC and Child BC

For M:M, the additions properties to be set are

· Inter Child Column

· Inter Child Delete

· Inter Parent Column

· Inter Table

86. Static picklist copies the value. T/F

· True

87. MLOV should be bounded (Ans.)

88. How do you propagate applied changes?

89. Service representative wants to see Opportunities. Which access control u will use?

· Position Based

90. What are two visibility parameters you set in the BusComp View Mode?

· Owner Type

· Visibility Field

91. Can Manager and User share same view? T/F

· True

92. What is the bad Siebel configuration method?

· Using SQL statements

93. Something related to Sub-Process (What is subprocess?)

94. Which is the monitored event?

· (Action sets etc.)

95. Conflict. MRG:System conflict Resolution = client wins

96. Dynamic assignment context and usage

97. Field level changes were tracked in which table?


98. When does client db gets initialized?

· First time and Ongoing

99. Query/Re-Query

100. Between Activity and Service Request which is always assigned to one user?

· Service Request

101. SWSE installation steps

· Eappsweb.exe


102. Which position in on the team will be assigned to the user who created record?

· Primary

103. Internal Authentication – What r valid 3 steps?

104. Parent/Child BC – In the context of Business Object

105. S_Party_Per relates which party entities (16.8) ?

· UserList-Users

· Employee-Position

· Access Group-Members

106. Constraints for modifying BC

· Set upgrade ancestor

· Don’t delete unused cols.

107. Which component must be running to ensure remote client to funcn properly

· Syncronization Manager

108. When do u register web template

· First time referenced to the object

109. used in ________

· View web template

110. What does history menu shows

· Screen and views: field

111. If you Drilldown from Opportunities (Owner Field) to Employee List View. Which needs to be set

· Owner field

· Source field as employee

· Destn Business Component

· View as Employee List View Ans: B

112. Only sales rep can access personal data

· Wrong

113. Localization: Features to support local specific things

· Tools-à Language Mode

114. Process to include assignment process into workflow

· Business Service

115. Most Important in assignment rule---

· Highest Score

116. Rules condition = USA What does this mean by this?

· Contract Address in USA

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