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Siebel Consolidated Questions Bank 5

77. Given a view how to determine business components, Choose 2



c. Business Objects references in Tools

d. Using Screen, ScreenViews


78. Which is NOT TRUE for <>

a. HintText=Applet

b. It is only used for Applet Template

c. It is only used for View Template

d. Acts as a place holder for an applet


79. How to install and verify Gateway Server, Choose 2

a. Follow the installation steps

b. Install through server manager utility

c. Check if siebel gateway windows service is up and running

d. Check SESsetup.log file

80. How to install SWSE, Choose 2

a. Start the required windows service

b. Invoke Install from eappweb

c. Install Web server

d. Shutdown and restart the siebel server


81. Steps for Internal Authentication, Choose 3

a. Start the workflow for user registration

b. Create Employee, Position, Responsibilities using Siebel client

c. Set-up the external directory

d. Use the user and account information provided by Authentication service

e. DBA, give proper grants to user

f. DBA, Create database Login


82. Use of grantusr.sql

a. To create Siebel grants

b. To create database user (SADMIN)

c. To install Siebel applications

d. Trigger file


83. Which of the following is TRUE if a user has different set of Responsibilities

a. User can log on with the primary responsibility

b. User sees the Union of all responsibilities

c. User can see only one set of Views


84. Data access control is based on, Choose 3

a. User ID

b. Position

c. Organization

d. Responsibilities


85. If you don’t know the object type and the parent for the object definition how do you find in Siebel Tools

a. Use Type Tab

b. Use Detail Tab

c. Use Flat Tab

d. Use Search Repository option


86. Where do you see Parent/Child relation for the object definitions

a. Use Type Tab

b. Use Detail Tab

c. Use Flat Tab

d. All of Above


87. Best practice for modifying Business Component

a. Unused columns should not be deleted

b. Use Upgrade ancestor for future upgrades

c. Use specialized business components as templates

d. Modify an existing Business component to suite your requirement

Yet to find..

88. When does Transaction Merger populate the conflict ID with a non-zero value

a. Update Record

b. Duplicate Record

c. Delete Record

d. Query Record


89. For proper working of Mobile Client

a. Use Transaction Docking = FALSE

b. Use Transaction Docking = TRUE

c. Use EXEC = TRUE



90. Generate New Database component does what

a. Create a new database

b. Create a Template for current Database Schema

c. Import Repository

d. Migrate Repository


91. Transaction Processor uses S_DOCK_TXN_LOG to create

a. DOKING\USER directories

b. TXNPROC directory

c. To Synchronize remote client

d. To create compressed files for individual users


92. What are the following TRUE about a Join, Choose 2

a. Using Join one can achieve M:M relationship

b. Explicit Join Fields are read-only

c. Explicit joins need to be created in Tools

d. Joins are between two applets


93. From service request if you drilldown to Employee what is NOT TRUE

a. Source Id is set to Employee

b. Destination ID is set to ROW_ID

c. Business Component is set to Employee

d. View field of the drilldown contains Employee View Name

Open for discussion

94. S_PARTY_PER stores relations for, Choose 3

a. Employee & Position

b. User List & Users

c. Access Group & Members

d. Person & Employee


95. Which of the following are true for Template Files

a. Style sheet cannot be modified by the customer

b. Style sheet can be modified by the customer

c. Style sheets are stored in database

d. Style sheets have extension of .swt


96. Using .ifb files we can do, Choose 2

a. Import archive

b. Specify an EIM Table

c. Do an Import, Delete, Merge and Export

d. Render UI Layer


97. Back up local remote repository, Choose 3

a. Add to Archive

b. Check-out from the server

c. Backup complete database file (use Copy/Paste)

d. Check-In to Server


98. If you lock project locally which is NOT TRUE then, Choose 2

a. You cannot check-in to the server

b. You can check-in to the server

c. You cannot undo your changes

d. You can use Tools->Unlock to unlock project


99. Mobile web client will use the following, Choose 3

a. Local Object Manager

b. Local Data Manager

c. Local SWE

d. Siebel Server


100. Initialization Parameter for the application engine

a. Configuration File ( .cfg )

b. Siebel Repository

c. Server Manager Task

d. File System Manager


101. For displaying application name (Splash Text ) from “Call Center to “ABC Call center” change

a. Application Name

b. Application Title

c. Application SplashText

d. Application Text


102. Which is NOT TRUE to scroll vertically in List Applet record

a. Use <> Navigation button

b. Use Menu Button First Record

c. Use Menu Button Last Record

d. Use Vertical Scroll Bar


103. How do you register views

a. Application Administration->Responsibilities

b. Application Administration-> Views

c. Application Administration-> Utilities->Responsibilities

d. Application Administration-> Utilities->Views


104. How do you populate List of Values, Choose 2

a. Using Siebel Tools

b. Batch Load

c. Application Administration->List of Values

d. System Preferences->List of Values


105. How do you navigate through Screens, Choose 2

a. Application Administration-> Screens

b. Screen Tabs

c. View Tabs

d. View Site-Map


106. Which personalization attribute is used when you store data in database for users

a. Dynamic

b. Persistent

c. Event alias

d. Event


107. Which is not the child object type for Business Component

a. Field

b. BusComp Server Script

c. Multi Value Field

d. Link

e. Multi Value Link


108. The person who creates the record become _________ of the record

a. Creator

b. Owner

c. Primary

d. Secondary

C (Open for discussion)

109. For EIM to Base Mappings following resources can be used, Choose 2

1. Siebel Documents

2. Bookshelf

3. Tools

4. Application

2, 3

110. A user has multiple positions in his organization. He works as ‘Sales Manager’ and ‘Supervisor’ but his primary position in Siebel is ‘Account Manager’, when he logs in he would log in as

1. Sales Manager

2. Supervisor

3. Previous logged in Position

4. Account Manager


111. How a foreign key for a column can be searched?

1. Use Business Objects and Links definitions

2. Query using the column ‘Foreign Key Table’ in tools

3. Use Flat Tab

4. Using Business components and Join definitions


112. Opportunity is owned by the person who created it or by the person to whom it is assigned is an example of

1. Owned by person

2. Owned by Position

3. Owned by Organization

4. Owned by Creator


113. When is the Process properties in workflow simulator used

1. Set the error levels

2. Set the error Messages

3. Set the value for Object Id for testing purpose

4. Set the sequence of execution


114. The conflicts in Synchronization can be viewed in

1. User Preferences à Mobile Status

2. User Preferences à Remote Status

3. User Preferences à Client Status

4. User Preferences à Server Status


115. What is NOT TRUE about the table S_LST_OF_VAL

1. It is used for Static List of Values

2. Values can be entered using tools à Table à Column

3. Type Data (Private)

4. Has VAL Column


116. A company requires a weekly report regularly based on the open service requests for the week, how the report can be generated:

1. Create and modify the report weekly

2. Create the required query and save it

3. Create and modify the query for every week

4. Use Siebel Reports Module


117. What is wrong about M:M custom extension table

1. The type property of the base table can be Data(Public)

2. The type property of the base table can be Data(Private)


118. An applet can be mapped to

1. Single Table and Single column

2. Many tables and Many columns.

3. Many Columns of single table

4. Single column of Many Tables


119. What is the type of access control for Organisation in the following example:

1. Single Organization

2. Multiple Organization

3. All

4. Personal

120. eChannel is a ____________ application:

1. Employee

2. Customer

3. Partner


121. Which of the following is owned by a single person

1. Account

2. Opportunity

3. Activity

4. Service Request


122. How do u see the parent child object definitions in Tools

1. Types

2. Detail

3. Flat


123. Service request and action has got what relationship

1. 1:1

2. 1:M

3. M:1

4. M:M


124. What components should be running for siebel remote, choose 3

1. Transaction Processor

2. Transaction Router

3. Transaction Merger

4. Synchronization Manager

5. Transaction Manager


125. From which step can u invoke ANOTHER WORKFLOW PROCESS

1. Sub process

2. Start

3. Business Service

4. Siebel Operation


126. Refer the .ifb file (Click Exibit) following is TRUE

1. It will delete all the records = Printer

2. It will not delete all the records = Printer

3. It will delete all product with name include “Printer”

127. If u want to assign German opportunities to Sales persons from Germany what criteria would you use

1. Compato person

2. Compare to objest

3. Compare to person

4. Compare to organization

5. Compare object to person


128. Foreign key suffix is

1. _FK

2. _ID

3. _PK

4. _UK


129. User synchronizes to server and the server values are overwritten, in this scenario option is

1. Server Wins

2. Client Wins

3. User Conflicts


130. Call center is what type of application

1. Employee

2. Customer

3. Partner


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