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Siebel Consolidated Questions Bank 10

230. How can Web Template Explorer be invoked in Siebel Tools

a. Tools – Web Template Explorer

b. View – Options – Web Explorer

c. View – Toolbars – Web Template Explorer

d. View – Windows – Web Templates Window


231. Which 3 steps are required for Template Files?

a. Registering

b. Compiling

c. Binding

d. Associating


232. Which one is not a valid type of Template?

a. Web Page Template

b. Screen Template

c. View Template

d. Applet Template


233. Which one in followings is not an example of Web page Template?

a. Content Pages

b. Login Pages

c. Error Pages

d. Container Pages


234. Which one in followings is not a valid Type property for Applet Web Template?

a. Base

b. Edit

c. Form

d. Query


235. Item Identifier in Web Page Items is the id attribute value in the _______.

a. swe:item tag

b. swe:page tag

c. swe:pageid tag

d. swe:pageitem tag


236. Which frame is not a part of Container Page: Employee Application

a. Banner Frame

b. Content Frame

c. Screenbar Frame

d. View Frame


237. Which one is not a part of application-level menus?

a. View

b. File

c. Window

d. Help


238. Which two are not parts of Siebel Application Toolbar?

a. History Menu

b. Show drop-down list box

c. Dashboard

d. Favorites


Note: Siebel Application Toolbar appears in Employee Application only.

239. Where does Dashboard Toolbar appear in Siebel Tool?

a. Application – Toolbar

b. Project - Toolbar

c. Application – Application Find - Toolbar

d. Toolbar


240. How does a particular screen come under view – Sitemap in application? By Setting value in

a. Screen – Screen View – Viewbar Text Property

b. Screen - Screen View – Menu Text Property

c. Application - Page Tab – Text Property

d. Application – Screen Menu Item – Text Property


241. Select two, which don’t come under setting up a developer steps?

a. Install appropriate server and client software

b. Create the developer

c. Initialize server database schema

d. Generate the local database template

e. Extract the server database


242. Select two, which don’t come under setting up a developer steps?

a. Install appropriate server and client software

b. Create the developer

c. Initialize server database schema

d. Generate the local database template

e. Extract the server database


243. Which is not a way to verify tools client after its installation?

a. Inspect directory

b. Verify SSEsetup.log file

c. Verify application launch and database connection

d. Verify SSDsetup.log file


244. How does a developer can be registered as a mobile client? By navigating

a. Application Administration - Mobile Client

b. User Administration – Mobile Client

c. Siebel Remote Administration – Mobile Client

d. Siebel Anywhere Administration – Mobile Client


245. Which one in the followings is a valid way to verify after generating Local DB Template?

a. Look in \DOCKING\

b. Look in \*****.ldf file

c. Look in \DBTEMPL\\***.dbf file

d. Look in \DBTEMPL\****.mdf and ****.dbf files


246. Which two are not valid uses of “Get”?

a. To populate newly initialized local database.

b. For locking project on server repository

c. To refresh a read only project in a local repository

d. For locking project on local repository


247. Which are valid uses of “Check In”? (Select 3)

a. Copies project definition from server to local repository

b. Release lock on server and local copies of projects

c. Replaces versions of checked out object definitions with new versions and unlock projects

d. Copies object definitions form local to server repository


248. Which two are outcome of “Undo Check Out” process?

a. Release lock on server

b. Release lock on local

c. Retains lock on server

d. Retains lock on local


249. Which of the following change the System Management Parameters

A Workflow Manger

B. Assignmnet Manger

c. Action Sets

d. Rule Sets

250. Following is correct about Siebel Web Templates

a. Choose Siebel Web Object and use Applet web template editor.

b. A view template can only be associated with two teplates

c. Applet and web templates have one to one relationship

251. Related list applets and form applets which represent a functional business area are represented by

a. Screen

b. View

c. Businsess object

d. Business component


252. Global deployment of Siebel Web Archtecture should have (Choose three)

a. Multiple Siebel web server extensions

b. Multiple Siebel Servers

c. Multiple Gateway servers

d. Multiple Domain Severs

e. Siebel File System


316.How do you change the sequence of screen tabs .

They will give you the picture and then suggest to you options as to how is done in the tools.

253. When do you create a business component not using the existing standard business component.

a.When you create a Custom extension table and there is no Siebel Object def.

b. When you want to use 1:1 extension table.

c. When you want to represent the same data of the business Component as master child.

d. When two applets represent the same, business component


254. eService is a customer application.

255. BusComp View mode implies access control is applicable to business component (Statement gives answer as well)

256. Which contains place holder for the Applet View template.

257. Which is True for Context Views

a.Nothing is called as context views

b.The views is defined in show drop down and view tabs is differentiated by context view.

c.This is defined in Business component component properties.


258. When comparing the parent and child objects what are the things can be performed.

259. Setting the time is localization.

323.Accessing the Help contents starting with M is application is HELP à Contents

324.How the Mobile client .cfg updates automatically when it is deleted from one siebel server.

325.Which field in the .cfg identifies the secret code between the eapps .cfg and the application .cfg file.

326.Which delete operation deletes the Foreign key reference from of the child records. Cascade à Clear

327.What is the Multivalue index fields for the 1:M Extension Tables

a. Type,Name

b. Type, Name

c. Type,Name, PAR_ROW_ID


328.How do we set the difference between My contacts View and My Personnal Contacts view.

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