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Siebel Consolidated Questions Bank 8

230. Part of industry applications, Choose 3

a. eHealthCare

b. eMedia

c. eConsumer

d. eLearning


231. Which does NOT belong to the 3 key technologies that enable organization to fully align their channels, partners and employees

a. Enterprise relationship Management

b. Customer relationship Management

c. Partner relationship Management

d. Employee relationship Management


232. Following are designed for Mid-Market Editions, Choose 3

a. eCustomer

b. eMarketing

c. eFianance

d. Siebel Service


233. Following are NOT industry specific solutions, choose 1

a. eRetail

b. eMedical

c. eAutomotive

d. eTelecom


234. Siebel Field Service Manages operations with, choose 3

a. Pagers

b. Handheld Devices

c. Personal Computers

d. Wireless Phones


235. A Business entity is something in the real world in which we have,

a. Business Responsibilities

b. Business Strategies

c. Business Interest

d. Business Planning


236. Business entity external to your company, choose 2

a. Account

b. Opportunity

c. Contact

d. Activity


237. Opportunity has the following characteristics, choose 2

a. Possible association with a service request

b. End date

c. Close Date

d. Revenue


238. Characteristics for a service request, choose 3

a. Status

b. Quality

c. Priority

d. Severity


239. ___________ Is an instance of a purchased product

a. Product line

b. Product Item

c. Asset

d. Product Catalog


240. Partner application is an external application used by

a. Customer and Partners

b. Partners Only

c. Employee and Partners

d. Employees and Customers


241. High Interactive requires, which version of IE

a. 3 or above

b. 4 or above

c. 5 or above

d. 6 or above


242. Which interactivity mode does NOT require frequent refreshes,

a. Low interactivity

b. Medium Interactivity

c. High Interactivity

d. Standard Activity


243. Following features are supported only by high interactivity mode, choose 3

a. Client-side scripting

b. Interactive Controls

c. Personalization

d. Keyboard shortcuts


244. Data presented in the UI is stored in,

a. Business Object

b. Database

c. Business Component

d. Record


245. Screen tabs indicates

a. All the screens available

b. Few user selected screens

c. Most commonly used screens

d. Site-map


246. Business entities and related data are shown by,

a. Business components

b. Business Objects

c. Screens & Fields

d. Screens & Views


247. For navigating through List and Forms use, Choose 3

a. Use menu button, First Record

b. Use menu button, Last Record

c. Use menu button, Select Record

d. Use next or Previous buttons,


248. Thread bar shows you, choose 2

a. Location among records

b. Location among screens and views

c. Path as you drill down on a record

d. History drop down


249. Menu button is available only in

a. Low interactivity

b. Medium interactivity

c. High interactivity

d. Standard interactivity


250. Presence of the save button negate the implicit record-level commit

a. True

b. False


251. What is a Query? (Choose that apply)

a. Locate one or more records that meet specific criteria

b. Create a subset of data for viewing & reporting

c. Refresh the view to download information

d. Refresh the view to upload information


252. Running a query with NULL criteria

a. Will retrieve zero records

b. Will ask for at least one criteria

c. Will return all records


253. Additional criteria can be added in refine query?

a. False

b. True

c. Does not support


254. Favorite are available criteria, choose 2

a. Queries created and saved by the user

b. Pre-defined queries provided by your administrator

c. Most frequently used Views

d. Sort Criteria


255. Keyboard shortcut’s basic mode requires an Active-X control in the browser

a. True

b. False


256. In a list or form a business data item is represented by

a. Record

b. Column

c. Field

d. Applet


257. List or Form references_________ business component

a. One and only one

b. One and more

c. Many

d. None


258. What is a View? Choose 2

a. A collection representing a functional business area

b. A collection of Applets

c. A collection of Screens

d. A collection of Pages


259. A business object contains, choose 2

a. One and only one business component

b. One or more business component

c. Relationship between component

d. Mapping between Applet & components


260. Following information can be seen via Help->About View, Choose 2

a. Record Information

b. Child Business Component

c. Business Object

d. Business object Link


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